If you have problem that public library PDF and ePUB cannot coexist on my reader. you can’t open library ebook on sony reader PSR-600,  it show error message “Protected Page”.

Some library books are Adobe PDFs, some are Adobe EPUB (both DRM protected). You can have one or the other – not both types of DRM – on the Reader.

From the Sony website (this was for the 505, but I’m sure it is the same for the 300 and 600).

This issue happens when Adobe DRM protected ePub and PDF eBooks which have been borrowed, both exist on the Reader.

You can borrow epub and pdf books from your library, but be careful to never have both epub and pdf library books on your reader at the same time, as there is a conflict and you will not be able to access them. A Protected Page! error occurs on the Reader when opening a borrowed book that is in the ePub or PDF format when borrowed Adobe DRM-protected ePub and PDF eBooks exist on the Reader at the same time.

To solve this issue, please follow these steps:

1. Delete all borrowed books from the Reader and transfer them again from Adobe Digital Editions or eBook Library.
2. Verify that all borrowed books are of the same format(ePub or PDF) before transferring them to the Reader.

How to remove Kobo eBook DRM?

Kobo ebook uses ePub format, the standard that is used on all standalone readers except Kindle.  most Kobo epub has drm protection even if bought it online, DRM is a whole other issue. DRM can be removed, ePub drm removal is tools to remove drm from Adobe digital editions DRM with 1-click, this is tutorial how to do that.

1) first you need download and install Adobe Digital Editions, download here

2) Login www.kobobooks.com, goto “my Library” on top webpage, all you purchase ebooks list in webpage, click “Adobe DRM ePub” button to download kobo ebook, it will show up in digital editions if you download ebook in digital editions.

2) To remove epub drm, download and install epub DRM Removal that will remove drm protection from epub books, it support windows and mac.

3) Run epub DRM Removal, it is easy to use, select epub file from digital editions folder, click “Remove” button, a new .epub file created without drm protection.

4) Convert new epub format toPDF format using Calibre, donwload here

Kobo ebook

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Amazon Web Services in Action – pdf download

Amazon Web Services in Action introduces you to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. You’ll start with a broad overview of AWS and learn how to spin-up servers manually and from the command line. Then you’ll explore infrastructure automation with the AWS CloudFormation service, where you can describe a blueprint of your infrastructure as code.

Oreilly Downloader is tools to download ebook on oreilly.com with 1-click. it download ebook to pdf file, read them on iPad, Kindle, tablet or other device without limitation, user also can print pdf ebook. It is very easy to use, just 1-click to download computer science book on oreilly.com

This is step by step guide to download Amazon Web Services in Action

1). Download and install Oreilly Downloader, it run like a browser, user sign in safari online in webpage, find book “Amazon Web Services in Action” to download and open it.

2). Find book to download, click “Reading” button to open book.

3). User open book in downloader, wait until “Download” button is ready, click download button to download ebook, it takes a while.

4). Downloader go through all book pages , it takes a while.

5). new PDF file created when finished, it saved in My document folder, “doc\ebook converter\safari online downloader\” .

About the Book

Physical data centers require lots of equipment and take time and resources to manage. If you need a data center, but don’t want to build your own, Amazon Web Services may be your solution. Whether you’re analyzing real-time data, building software as a service, or running an e-commerce site, AWS offers you a reliable cloud-based platform with services that scale.

Amazon Web Services in Action introduces you to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. You’ll start with an overview of cloud computing and then begin setting up your account. You’ll learn how to automate your infrastructure by programmatically calling the AWS API to control every part of AWS. Next, you’ll learn options and techniques for storing your data. You’ll also learn how to isolate your systems using private networks to increase security. Finally, this book teaches you how to design for high availability and fault tolerance.

What’s Inside

  • Overview of cloud concepts and patterns

  • Deploy applications on AWS

  • Integrate Amazon’s pre-built services

  • Manage servers on EC2 for cost-effectiveness