Kindle Converter Mac easily convert amazon Kindle DRM / noDRM ebook to PDF ePub Word Text formats. user can view purchased ebook on other computer or device, user also can print Kindle ebook without DRM limitation, it support Kindle DRM file downloaded in Kindle for Mac and nodrm mobi files, convert to PDF ePUB Word Text Html format file with 1-click, read your purchased Kindle ebooks in any device.

ver 3.20.702 released.

Key Features

  • easy use, drag-drop support, One-click converter.
  • support Kindle DRM/Nodrm ebook downloaded from Kindle for Mac.
  • Output format support PDF ePub, WORD rtf, HTML, Text.
  • High quality conversion, no quality loss.

How to Convert AZW to PDF ePub Word format?

1. Download and Install Kindle for Mac v1.30
Kindle for Mac v1.30

2. Install Kindle Converter Mac
download and Install Kindle Converter Mac

3. Set Kindle app to KF8 Mode
Close Kindle app, Run Kindle Converter Mac, click “Set Kindle to KF8″ button at bottom.

4. Re-download book in Kindle for Mac
Run Kindle app, right-click book title, remove book , re-download book into KF8 format to remove drm,

you can deregister to delete all downloaded files in Preference-General-Deregister Kindle for Mac, then re-download book in Kindle for Mac,

5). Click Import eBook button to add kindle offline book files into converter,

6). Click Convert button to start conversion, it take a while to finish job.

7). Wait until job finished, new file in output folder will show up, convert .mobi azw3 to pdf in Calibre

KFX format

New KFX format does NOT support so far, user should install old version Kindle for PC 1.17

DrmException: Invalid file format – Kindle drm removal

Kindle for Mac

Amazon released a Kindle for Mac app, syncs your Amazon e-book downloads and shows them on your Mac computer for convenient reading either when you’re away from your svelte e-book reader or if you chose not to buy it in the first place.

Though not necessarily revolutionary, the Kindle for Mac app does the job. Among other benefits, it syncs your last read page with Whispersync, syncs Kindle notes, and promises to utilize Windows 7’s touch technology, allowing readers to pinch-zoom, and, in future releases, turn pages with finger swipes. Amazon is reportedly working on the ability to create notes and highlights on your Mac and a search function. What you can’t do is view blogs, newspapers or magazines — not a big whoop given you’ll be at your computer, but still…

Download Kindle pdf epub html word converter at

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