Have you ever wanted to read B&N ebook on Sony reader? Whether you’re planning on reading on Kindle 3?  B&N epub ebooks has drm protection only supported by NOOK,  you need to remove drm protection before put epub file on other eReader devices such as the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader, here’s how to remove drm directly from B&N epub.

NOOK DRM Removal

1. To start removing drm from B&N ePub files, you’ll need to install NOOK DRM Removal, click the Download link.
once you’ve download NOOK DRM Removal, install it as normal.

2.Once setup is complete, run NOOK DRM removal, select a epub from B&N ebook folder, then click “Remove DRM” button,  NOOK ebook locate at “My Barnes & Noble eBooks” in  “My Document” folder.

3.first times you need to input your Name of B&N account, and credit card number to decrypt drm protection,  it is name in B&N account, not name on credit card, full digital number of credit card, this converter don’t keep these information, only to create a key file for next times.

if Name and number is correct, it will create a epub file without drm protection.

Now you can open your ePub file in any eReader program, such as Nook for PC.  You can also transfer it to your eReader device, including a Sony reader or iPad, to read on the go.  If you use a Kindle, you can also convert the ePub file to MOBI format with Calibre and transfer it to your device.

DRM rears its ugly, malformed, malignant, cross-eyed head again. Despite the fact that, as Cory Doctorow so aptly put it, no one has ever purchased anything because it came with DRM, an ever-slimming number of content providers insist on punishing paying customers with idiotic “anti-piracy” schemes.

Obviously, no one would expect a physical book to be subject to the whims of the publisher or the store it was purchased from. A sale is a sale, even if many rights holders would rather it wasn’t. But, Barnes & Noble doesn’t see it that way. Sure, you can buy an ebook from them, but you’d better keep everything in your profile up to date if you plan on accessing your purchases at some undetermined point in the future.

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