What is Kindle Collection?

Kindle Collections are a classification of the folders on the kindle device which help you organize kindle content. If you have got lots of eBooks on Kindle library, you will should create collections to improve your books in good order. In fact, there are four ways to create and manage your kindle books.

Create collection on all Kindle device, app, include

  • Kindle device, paperwhite.
  • Kindle app, Kindle for PC/Mac

1 Create Collections on Kindle for PC

Run Kindle for pc, login Kindle for PC with Amazon account, click “+” button left panel to create a collection.

2 Add ebook title into collections

Right click the cover of ebook, select “Add to Collection” and collection name to add title into collection.

Kindle Converter is tools to convert Kindle ebook to EPUB/PDF/TXT/RTF format with 1-click. it support Kindle DRM ebook downloaded in Kindle for PC.

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