Barnes & Noble uses its own DRM scheme for some EPUB books. It’s a variant of the Adobe ADEPT scheme. we can remove NOOK DRM ebook download by NOOKstudy. this is tutorial that remove NOOK DRM from NOOKstudy ebook.

1 Download NOOK ebooks in NOOKStudy
Barnes & Noble changed encryption algorithm for new ebooks, to remove DRM, user must download and install B&N app “NOOKStudy”, download ebooks in NOOKstudy, nook for pc isn’t support in new version.

2 Download Nook DRM Removal here.

3 Run program,  click NOOK button to import nookstudy ebook files,

or select files in B&N epub ebook to decrypt, NOOK ebook locate at “My Document\My Barnes & Noble eBooks” folder.

4 click “Remove DRM” button to decrypt,  If anything you input is correct,  DRM will be removed and produce a new epub file,

new nodrm file saved in output folder, click “open output folder” button to find them.

How to Read OverDrive Library eBooks on Kindle, Android,iPad?

Many public libraries on the US and around the world lend ebooks through OverDrive, 3M Cloud Library, and other services. When you borrowed fiction, OverDrive is the most used platform. OD lets you read in your web browser and works with most ereaders, including the Kindle.

if you want to read fiction freely on ereader, you should convert it to epub/mobi/pdf format. Here’s how you can convert OverDrive ebooks to other format.

1. First of all, if you have not installed Adobe Digital Editions, click here to download it. Then use your Adobe ID account to activate the Adobe Digital editions on the current computer, then you can download OverDrive Library fiction ebook in Adobe digital editions, it maybe a acsm file to download, acsm file is ebook download link information, digital editions will download real epub/pdf file automatically.

There is something that you need to pay attention to: If your EPUB books are downloaded or copied from other devices, they are not able to be converted. And if so, you need to use Adobe Digital Editions to re-download the books into your current computer.

2. Download and install ePub Converter, it’s one of the best ebook conversion tools to help you convert drm epub file to pdf.

3. Run ePub Converter, click “Digital Editions” button to import Adobe DRM epub file into converter, if you have B&N ebook, just click “Nook” button to import nook ebook.

user also click “Open” button to open digital editions folder, drag drop epub file into converter window.

4. Select output format, user can set paper size if output is PDF format, it support Letter, A4, A5, B4,B5 size, then Click “Convert” button to start job, it takes time to convert to other format, wait until job finished.
converter supports batch conversion mode, And conversion process is promised without any quality loss to your files. The books will still keep the same quality as the original one.

5. After you succeeded in converting EPUB to PDF, you can read your epub in any device.

6. if conversion fails, double-click file name in list in converter windows, you get error message in detail.

OverDrive Library eBooks

To start, you will need a library card for a library which is also an OverDrive partner. You can search for a local library through the OverDrive website.

Most libraries will only issue a library card to local residents, but a handful do issue cards to non-residents. You’ll of course need to get a library ebook before checking out any ebooks, and for that you’ll need to check with the library.

How to download Oreilly ebook to PDF? video

Oreilly Downloader is tools to download ebook on with 1-click. it download ebook to pdf file, read them on iPad, Kindle, tablet or other device without limitation, it is shareware that user free to try before buy, there is watermark in demo version.