Kindle for pc v2.0 is best to remove kindle drm, kindle converter support Kindle Unlimited book donwload in v2.0,

Download Kindle for PC 2.0 Download Kindle for PC 1.17 Download Kindle for PC 1.26

  1. Open Option window, click Deregister button to deregister, remove all license content, close it.

  2. delete folder “document\my kindle content” ,
  3. Uninstall Kindle for Pc, download old version kindle for pc 2.0.
  4. Uncheck automatically update in options in Kindle for pc.
  5. Re-download ebook and try again.

How to deregister Kindle for pc

For Mac

latest version kindle for Mac can change to KF8 mode to remove drm.
you download and install Kindle for Mac v1.30, NOT run kindle app,

  1. Set Kindle app to KF8 Mode
  2. Run Kindle Converter Mac, click “Set Kindle to KF8″ button at bottom.

  3. uncheck automatic update in options in Kindle for Mac.
  4. re-download ebook in kindle for Mac by right-click title, NOT double-click.
  5. Run Kindle Converter Mac to remove DRM
  6. run Kindle Converter Mac, import kindle book and click Convert button. it will create new nondrm .mobi .azw3 file.

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