Google Play has the world’s largest collection of eBooks, with over 4 million books to choose from, you access to the world’s largest collection of eBooks. customize your reading experience by adjusting the font, switching to day or nighttime modes, and much more, this is how to read those books on iPad.

1. Google play ebook can download in Adobe digital editions, so first thing is to install digital editions,

2). Goto Google play store, click “My books” on top of webpage, select ebook title you want to download, then book webpage opened, click “How to read” button on top. Scroll to bottom webpage, you will see a big icon as “Download ePub” , click epub icon,

3). You should download drm ebook from Google Play, but you can’t upload epub file to iPad, because drm protection prevent from that, download and install ePub drm removal, this tools remove google play drm.

4). Run ePub DRM Removal, select epub file downloaded from Google Play, click “Remove” button to strip drm, it create a new non-DRM epub file, you can read this new epub without limitation.

4). Transfer new non-DRM epub file to iPad using itunes, run itunes, drag epub file iTunes’ Book section, then you read Google play ebook in iPad.

How to find correct info for a ebook in B&N account?

Fix Key error :Key cannot be the null string

When you get this error message, that mean Barnes & Noble  account info you input isn’t correct,  this is tutorial how to find correct info for a book.

  • Your Name: This is the name used by Barnes and Noble to generate your encryption key.
    Seemingly at random, Barnes and Noble choose one of three places from which to take this name.

    Most commonly, it’s your name as set in your Barnes & Noble account, My Account page, directly under PERSONAL INFORMATION.

    Sometimes it is the the name used in the default shipping address.

    sometimes it’s the name listed for the active credit card.

    If these names are different in your Barnes and Noble account preferences, suggest try them one by one.

  • Credit Card#: this is the default credit card number that was on file with Barnes and Noble at the time of download of the ebook to be de-DRMed. Just enter the 16 (15 for American Express) digits.
  • Credit Card Number don’t need any more after NOOK Key created.

**if you don’t find billing address in order, that mean it is default address.

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How to remove NOOK DRM from Barnes Noble ebook?

Barnes & Noble uses its own DRM scheme for some EPUB books. It’s a variant of the Adobe ADEPT scheme. we can remove NOOK DRM ebook download by NOOKstudy. this is tutorial that remove NOOK DRM from NOOKstudy ebook.

1 Download NOOK ebooks in NOOKStudy
Barnes & Noble changed encryption algorithm for new ebooks, to remove DRM, user must download and install B&N app “NOOKStudy”, download ebooks in NOOKstudy, nook for pc isn’t support in new version.

2 Download Nook DRM Removal here.

3 Run program,  click NOOK button to import nookstudy ebook files,

or select files in B&N epub ebook to decrypt, NOOK ebook locate at “My Document\My Barnes & Noble eBooks” folder.

4 click “Remove DRM” button to decrypt,  If anything you input is correct,  DRM will be removed and produce a new epub file,

new nodrm file saved in output folder, click “open output folder” button to find them.