VitalSource Bookshelf doesn’t have download function, we provide 2 apps to download Vitalsource ebook to pdf,

Vitalsource Converter PRO is new tools to print whole bookshelf ebook to PDF file, pdf file has same quality as origin one, we suggest user try it first.

  • Vitalsource Converter PRO Video Guide
  • Vitalsource Converter is tools to convert bookshelf ebook to PDF file. it support epub and pdf format .vbk ebook in Bookshelf. .

    For epub format .vbk ebook, user try Vistalsource converter, this is step to step guide to convert VitalSource Bookshelf ebook to pdf file.

    1). First, open ebook in Bookshelf, we need to view setting in Bookshelf.

    Change view to “Single Page View” in menu “View–>Single Page View”.

    Click “Hide Navigation” button on toolbar to hide left navigation panel.

    Resize Bookshelf window height as windows desktop height, it looks like this image,

    2). After setup Bookshelf window, run VitalSource Converter, click “Capture” button to start conversion, it will go through all pages and create a new PDF file.

    3). Open new pdf file in pdf reader, zoom view to “Actual Size” to get better result.

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