What’s .KFX-zip file

.kfx-zip is new KFX kindle book, it’s zip file, user can rename to .zip and unzip to a folder, share that folder as kindle book.

Want old .mobi kindle file?

There is 2 way to avoid kfx file and get old .azw file,

Why do you get .KFX-zip file?

.kfx is new kindle ebook format, new version app Kindle for pc download ebook in kfx format, our Kindle Converter create a new nodrm .kfx-zip file when remove drm from kfx kindle file, kfx-zip is zip file that user unzip it to a folder, that folder is nodrm kfx ebook.

How to convert .kfx-zip file?

There is Calibre plugin for .kfx-zip file, download here
after install that plugin, user can convert .kfz-zip format to pdf epub format in calibre.

How to remove DRM from Kobo ebooks

Kobo ebooks has standard Adobe digital editions DRM protection, When you buy an ebook online from one of the major retailers, you can be pretty sure you’re getting a ePub DRM ebook.

It’s a great format and many wonderful ebooks is using ADE DRM protection. However, most of these encrypted files are a real pain if you want to throw them on different devices or use other software.

Today, we’ll show you how to crack the encryption of these epub files, so you can enjoy them however you want. In other words, we’ll show you how to remove drm from ADE epub files. When you’re done, you’ll be able to read them on any system or device, convert those epub ebooks to PDF or any other format you’d like and you’ll – once again – own those books that you’ve payed for.

1. Open Kobo epub book in digital editions.  you must add drm epub in digital editions library.

2. Login Kobobooks.com, goto “”My Library” page, click “Adobe DRM Epub” button to download drm epub file in digital editions, so you can read your kobo books in digital editions.

3. download ePub drm removal from ebook-converter.com, this tools has an easy-to-use interface to help new comers get up to speed.

4. Run ePub drm removal, select your epub file which you want to decrypt, click “Remove” button, a new epub file created withou drm protect.

5. Convert epub to PDF format using Calibre

How to remove DRM from PDB ereader.com?

You bought ebook on ereader.com, you want to read those ebook on iPad or Kindle, but you can’t do that directly, because those ebook has DRM protection, this is turorial about How to remove DRM from ebook ereader.com.

ebook on ereader.com has PDB format, you need download and install PDB DRM removal at here, it has windows and Mac version, PDB DRM Removal is easy to use, it remove PDB drm protection with 1-click without quality loss.

1. Download and install PDB DRM Removal on ebook-converter.com, you can install it as normal app.

2. Run PDB DRM Removal, select PDB file on Hard drive,PDB ebook normally locate at “PDM” in “My Document”, click “Remove” button.

3. A window popup to input name and credit card number, it is same as you read ebook on eReader app, if anything is correct, DRM protect will be removed, DRM will be removed and produce a new .pmlz file .

4. to read new ebook in iPAD, you convert .pmlz file to Mobi format using Calibre, here is tutorial.

PDB ebook & eReader.com

.pdb is Palm Media ebook format, read in eReader that is a freeware program for viewing Palm Digital Media electronic books, Versions are available for iPhone, PalmOS, WebOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry. ereader.com maintains a wide selection of eReader-formatted e-books, available for purchase and download, with a handful of public domain titles available for free. Those books that aren’t free are encrypted, with the key being the purchaser’s full name and credit card number. This information is not preserved in the e-book. A one-way hash is used, so there is no risk of the user’s information being extracted.