Proquest book can download in Adobe digital editions, it is a free pc software from adobe, just open this site and then download and install the software:,

ePub converter can convert proquest book to pdf sometime ago, but update them server to new DRM protection that can’t decrypt by now, you got error message like this

epub converter and other converter doesn’t work with new ADEPT, but we provide 2 way to convert proquest book to pdf,

Proquest book can view in browser, we have chance to convert browser cache to pdf book, PorQuest Downloader is this tools,

PorQuest Downloader download textbook to pdf into PC/Mac, it works like a browser and get ebook pdf format file, backup your textbook before expiration, print etextbook, share pdf textbook with friends, read textbook in any device without limitation

you need to be signed in to proquest website, then open the page of the book you want to download in app, click “Download” button when it ready, app will download book automatically.

Digital Editions Converter is tools to convert ADEPT book to PDF file, it is designed for new ADEPT, work with book open in Digital Editions, it takes screenshot of page in ADE, pdf page is image , but you still can view pdf without any limitation, backup your textbook before expiration, share pdf textbook with friends

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