Readium LCP is a cutting-edge DRM technology designed specifically for the publishing industry, aiming to provide robust content protection while offering a seamless reading experience for users. it doesn’t need Adobe digital editions, The solution is at the same time minimally intrusive for end-users, who don’t need to create a third party account and may even share their ebooks with their family or close friends, bookstore around the world using it,member of EDRLab, BiblioVault,The Palace Project,NetGalley,Bibliopresto,MLOL,Casalini Libri,Glassboxx,Gardners Books, Vivlio,ePagine.

1. Locating a Downloaded LCP Book

Before we remove DRM from Readium LCP epub, look for a hidden folder where LCP books are stored.
Navigate to the following directory: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming
These folders typically have names consisting of 16 numbers, such as:

Within each of these hidden folders, you will find the downloaded LCP book files. These files may include:

  • The EPUB file containing the book content.
  • Additional files related to the book, such as metadata or cover images.

Notably, each book folder contains a file named license.lcpl. This file is integral to the licensing and DRM protection of the book. It contains information about the license associated with the book, which is crucial for DRM removal and subsequent handling of the book files.

By locating the downloaded LCP book and identifying its associated files, you can proceed with the necessary steps to remove DRM and access the content of the book as desired.

2 Install PDF epub DRM removal to remove LCP DRM

download and install PDF epub DRM removal

3 Run PDF ePub DRM Removal, click “Add File” or “Add folder” button to import LCP book into converter

if book is LCP type, it show “LCP” in status in list.

4 Select book, click “Convert” button

it will ask passphrase for book, same passphrase in bookstore,

if passphrase is right, LCP DRM will remove, user don’t need to input passphrase again with book has same passphrase.

How to converter vitalsource bookshelf ebook to PDF?

VitalSource Converter is tool to convert vitalsouce book to pdf file, remove DRM protection from VitalSource Bookshelf ebooks, it create a new non-DRM protection PDF file with 1-click, the new PDF file can read in Windows,Mac without limitation, share your ebook with friends.

How to read Barnes Noble ebooks on Kindle?

People who like reading eBooks will choose the Kindle eReader, for its eye-friendly screen, and the gigantic Amazon eBookStore. As the magnate in eBooks area, Kindle insist his AZW format, ignoring the popular ePub format. Kindle can’t read Barnes Noble directly, even if there is no DRM, the B&N in ePub format, you still cannot read them on Kindle.

Don’t worry, just 3 steps, you can read Barnes Noble ebook on Kindle.

1. Download B&N ebook in NOOK for PC

NOOK for PC is tools to read B&N ebook in PC, download NOOK for pc and install it, login your BN account and download ebook title in NOOK for pc.

2. Convert Download B&N ebook to Kindle ebook

ePub Converter is to remove BN ebook drm and convert to Kindle format with 1-click, download and install ePub Converter.

Run ePub Converter, click NOOK button to import BN ebook file into converter.

Select output format is Kindle .mobi format.

Click Convert button to convert to Kindle format.

3. Copy new .mobi file into Kindle reader

the new .mobi is saved in converter output folder, click “open output folder”, you find new .mobi file,

connect Kindle reader to computer by USB cable, there will be a Removable Disc in My Computer, copy .mobi file into “document” folder, disconnect kindle then you can read it in Kindle reader.

4. NOOK VS Kindle
  1. Eye-friendly screen of Kindle. If we read on computer, we easily get eye-tired, but for Kindle, this will not happen unless we read unless 3-4 hours.
  2. Battery life. You are on a train-trip, for Kindle, its battery can be at least last for a week without any charging.
  3. Weight. Twhile Kindle 3 is 240g and Kindle 4 is 170g. When we read eBooks, we often hold the eReader in our hands.